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We’re a seasoned team of founders with an incredible track record.

Jess Mah

Founding Partner

Mahway was founded by serial entrepreneur Jess Mah who is best known as founding CEO of inDinero which she grew to hundreds of employees and a 9-figure valuation.

Since then, she’s been the founder and Chairman of two other companies that have grown to 9-figure valuation scale.

Brendon Merkley


Brendon is co-founder of Goodleap, a $10B fintech business focused on home improvement financing. Brendon joins Mahway as a partner who will help manage portfolio companies as they achieve scale.

Andrea Barrica

General Partner

Andrea is a serial founder and former venture partner at 500Startups, where she led or supported investments in 100+ startup companies and helped founders raise over $100M in venture capital funding. She was also the CEO/Founder of, a global sexual wellness education platform, and also was co-founder and the G2M leader at inDinero.

Maren Kate

Partner / Talent Leader

Previously founder+CEO of Zirtual, a leading virtual assistant company that grew to tens of millions in revenue and employed over 400 assistants. Most recently, Maren was founder+CEO of Avra which served as the recruiting backbone for dozens of startups.

Axel Albin-Lax


Axel was Chief Product Officer at inDinero and has served in senior product roles at Roche and Novartis, as well as many other VC-funded startups. As an entrepreneur, Axel has run product design and manufacturing business as well as a client services business. Axel joins Mahway as a partner who will oversee the ideation, research and development, and incubation process for all new companies launched.

Alex Garden

Venture Partner

Alex Garden is a highly experienced CEO and Board Member with a proven track record of success in leading and scaling companies. With over 30 years of experience in technology, entertainment, and manufacturing, Alex deeply understands global markets and has a strong network of industry contacts.

Guiding Principles


We prioritize transparency and knowledge sharing on our team. Organizational discipline promotes cost efficiency, and speed, ultimately making it easier to build winning companies. This is reflected in our tools, our processes, and our attitudes.

Tell The Truth

The truth is the bedrock of great ideas.
We approach conflict with eagerness and respect. We put our egos aside when we’re listening to each other. We share our problems openly because we’re stronger as a team.


We encourage clear, structured thinking in our approach to work. We believe in defining and understanding our actions, improving our decision-making, and boosting our collective intelligence.


We believe we do our best work when we’re having fun. If working at Mahway isn’t fun, we’re doing something wrong. Let’s learn, improve, and get back to having fun.


We love you just the way you are.
Bringing your authentic self to the workplace helps infuse our culture with diverse perspectives and discover non-obvious truths.

Less Is More

We admire cleverness and frugality.
Great businesses are born from necessity, ingenuity, and passion, not huge budgets. We count every dollar and consider the “path to profitability” a bedrock principle.


We make decisions with conviction and passion. If we’re not excited about it, we don’t do it. We bring our full enthusiasm and commitment to everything we do.