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VCs are pickers.
We’re builders.

For The Love Of It

Build a few businesses and pretty soon everyone starts asking when you’re going to switch to VC. “It’s much easier than actually building companies!”

But here’s our truth:

The best part is the building.

It’s the most personally rewarding part, it’s much more impactful, and it makes a lot more money too.

The Mahway partners came together after separately building many companies.

We saw a new vision for VC -- a way for us to continue to be founders and builders, but to do so at greater scale.

Mahway gives us a new and exciting path to growth and impact.

Jess Mah, Founder / Head Honcho


We designed Mahway to be optimized for building rather than investing/acquiring.

This enables us to offer to investors a unique risk/reward profile.


We are passionate, expert founders.
We are seasoned builders and operators.
We are world-class fundraisers.

It’s obvious we should be building companies, not doing analyst-driven shopping.