We're an investment firm that builds businesses from scratch or buys them outright, and then owns and operates them — an unconventional approach that delivers greater impact and outsized returns.

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We are a women-and minority-led team of serial entrepreneurs, operators, and investors with great track records that buck the traditional VC model. We know how to build recession-resistant and capital-efficient businesses. We’ve collectively raised over $1B in capital and created companies valued in the billions of dollars.


Our ideas and portfolio are generating significant returns and transforming millions of lives. We do this by building vertically integrated businesses, meeting the growing demand for financial innovation, taking an unusual approach to two-sided marketplaces, and solving non-obvious problems at scale. We’re also very clear on what we don’t do. 


We identify big challenges and green-field opportunities, and then focus on problems with exceptional fundamentals and venture-scale TAM. We prove out these businesses within 90 days, and recruit world-class CEOs with deep domain and industry expertise who have built and run high-performance organizations.

We’re founders and builders and operators who have built many companies, employed thousands of people, raised millions of dollars, and created billions in market value. We see a new way to build world-changing companies and we created Mahway to do exactly that.